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100% Cotton


100% Cotton

You guessed it. Polo shirts at Homegrown Cotton are made with 100% Cotton straight from the Carolina fields.

Made in the USA

From the farm to your home, your polo can be traced back to the field it was grown in. Can you say that about anything else in your closet?

Your polo was born at McIntosh Farms in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. From there, your polo traveled the Carolinas as it was ginned, spun, knitted, dyed, cut and sewn by local businesses. The final shirt was completed just 40 miles from the fields where it was grown. Learn More About the Process

All Natural

At Homegrown Cotton we use all natural, environmental friendly dyes. Our Natural Shirt has absolutely no dye or bleach - just raw cotton. 

Every step of the production process is done as local as possible to minimize our carbon footprint as well.